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The company

Vegaquant is an start up company in the fintech domain.
Something that started like a game is trying to come in to someone of hardest business, that is, the hedge fund industry.


2011: Some colleagues, engineers highly skilled in tech and business development, were searching for a new business to come in. Criteria for selecting business were to have a side in tech industry, be of high added value and easy to relocate. Algorithmic trading was found as a very interesting option, especially after 2008 finance crisis, when the sector was requesting for new approaches. So investment management as a wider scope of trading systems begins to be analyzed, that is, the pure algorithmic trading side, software development mathematics and platforms but also the business cycle.


2013: A first approach of risk management oriented algorithms, good enough to support an investment process, was reached. Test in demo and real accounts starts.

2014:  Test in demo and real accounts continue getting positive results. Considerations on starting up a company came in. Some other people express their interest in joining the venture.


2015: Vegaquant is started up in January in Valencia, Spain, with 6 associates.



Vegaquant is using its investment process to trade at prop trading level and it is going to launch a private fund in 2016 as prior step to a hedge fund in 2018.


In this years, existing retail trading platforms have been used to develop algorithms, but this model is out of  date. At this point, Vegaquant is developing its own platform for design and simulation of multiasset trading algorithms


The team is innvoled in an rising money phase at risk capital level to finance the plans for next years comming: this is a long term bet.


 The team


Vegaquant team is buil of highly experienced staff in the Information Technology sector, but it is important to remark that skills cover not only the tech side but also the pure business side: We're passionate about our work and intensely focus on performing at the highest levels on behalf of our clients.

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